Savannah College of Art and Design

Grad May 2020

Bachelor of Fine Arts - Animation - Summa Cum Laude

Focus in CG Animation:

Motion Capture Technology, Animation for Video Games, Character Performance



Expert Animation Workshop - MontaQue Ruffin



Body Acting - express class

The King and the Pawn


Lead Animator

Autodesk Maya



Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe After Effects

Storyboard Pro

SCAD Academic Scholarship          2016-

Awarded for excellency in academic pursuits

SCAD Artistic Scholarship               2016-

Awarded for excellency in artistic pursuits

SCAD Dean's List                          2016-

Awarded for excellency in academic pursuits

~Worked with crewmates to maintain consistant level of polish for shots

NYT Found Poetry Contest              2016

Selected by New York Times as one of several winners for creative literary work under strict guidelines.

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~Assisted team with technological challenges

~Communicated animation challenges between riggin and post-production teams

~Ensured animation stayed on schedule for production

Harbinger of Spring


CG Gameplay Animator

~Worked with leads and team to develop animation style for the game

~Created both third and first person animations for implementation

~Organized assets and managed animation production schedule

Teaching Assistant for Bernardo Warman


Principles of 3D Animation

~Communicated with students regarding critique and the Autodesk Interface

~Assisted the professor in organizing tasks, providing assets, and maintaining a healthy learning environment

~ Assisted students outside of class and instructed students in the applications of the 12 principles to a 3D medium

Independent Freelance



~Maintained schedule and routinely updated clients on work progress

~Communicated with various clients to create desired outcome

~Served in multiple mediums

Available Upon Request